Marius is an Empower Diabetes user from Cape Town who has been using the app for 3 months. Below is a story of the change he went through after being diagnosed and how he is using the Empower app to control his diabetes:

So a day after the Springboks nearly won against the All Blacks at Newlands I was diagnosed with Diabetes. I still remember the date – 8 October 2017.  I cannot really say if was in shock, maybe more relived because a month later I was a new person.  Two weeks before finding out, I was going through a thirst that is unbelievable, although I was very tired before that.  The thirst was quite intense, I drank about 3 liters of liquids at a time which include 500ml coke, 1 liter of juice 1.5 liters of water just to urinate is out in the next 30 minutes and then I was thirsty again.  In the last three days my vision started to deteriorate in such away that I used my reading park of my glasses to see far.

I eventually phoned a friend who is a pharmacist and asked him if he could test my blood sugar.  Because I needed energy I drank a nice cold Coke on my way, only to clock a high of 24.6!  He said to me it is very high and that I can go into a coma.  The next morning at 11:00 I went to see a doctor – I cannot remember my reading but it was between 12 or 15.  He told me I had to be hospitalized for 3 days which I refused to due to personal reasons but I committed myself to sort this out.

As an app junky I was looking for an app to help me manage my Diabetes. After a month, I found Empower Diabetes which at least was a South African app, something that I felt closer to. From 12 November 2017 I have been using the app entering my glucose readings and logging pictures of my food.  Chrystal, my Empower coach, is a wonderful dietitian that helps and encourages me daily by providing me feedback on my data entries. She also created a meal plan for me that really works well.  Since joining, I have lost another 6 kilograms by eating correctly and exercise. I am doing about 1.8km after dinner every evening. This helps to bring your sugar down quickly if it might be to high and is just a good chill after work. I recently visited my doctor who took me off insulin and my A1C reading is 5.8%! I am very happy with results and the support that i got from my Empower coach!

I am feeling great at the moment and very excited about what the future hold in for me.  Diabetes made a life change not just for me but for my whole family, they are now all forced by default to be healthy by eating correct and be active with me!